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2463 Allgemein crash sometimes 22.05.11 00:07 23.05.11 10:38
new V0.917a02  
0002463: Game crashes after attacking alien (automated weaponreload)
During laboratory raid mission, attacking a drone crashed the game.
Assertion fehlges (C:\XFQuellcode\v0917\game\source\components\GameFigureManager.pas, Zeile 543)
$005ECA5F GameFigureManager... 545 if not NeedTU(TUTakeRucksack) then
$005ECA5A GameFigureManager... 543 Assert((Index>=0) and (Index<length(fRucksack)));
$005ED5D8 GameFigureManager... 954 if not DeleteFromRucksack(Index) then exit; //exit, falls nicht genug TU
$005ECBCF GameFigureManager... 593 if not Nachladen(Slot) then
$005C44E5 GameFigure.pas 2696 case fManager.DoShoot(Slot,Shoot,Infos) of
$005C40EE GameFigure.pas 2586 result:=ShootToPos(Point(Figure.XPos,Figure.YPos),Slot,ShootInfos); // bei Schüssen per Maus
$005C719B GameFigure.pas 4167 result:=ShootToUnit(Figure,Slot,Addr(Infos)) or result;
$005C7219 GameFigure.pas 4177 Shoot(scsLinkeHand);
$005B1F09 DXIsoEngine.pas 900 TGameFigure(fFigures[Dummy]).ShootToUnit(Figure,Container.MousePos);
$00637862 DXContainer.pas 1278 fCaptureControl.MouseUp(mbLeft,fMousePos.X-fCaptureControl.Left,fMousePos.Y-fCaptureControl.Top);
$00451E97 Controls.pas 5143 Dispatch(Message);
$00456A94 Controls.pas 7246 inherited WndProc(Message);
$00456152 Controls.pas 7021 WindowProc(Message);
$0042CA05 classes.pas 11571 MOV EAX,[ECX].Longint[4]
has duplicate 0002466closed  Absturz bei Bodeneinsatz 
 917a02 - error1.txt [^] (8,660 bytes) 23.05.11 10:29
 917a02 - error2.txt [^] (10,600 bytes) 23.05.11 10:31

22.05.11 00:09   
I also have a bug working the same but far more randon as far as missions and enemies attacked go, with error log 2.

Happens as often as the earlier one.

Also, I should point out that the bug happens the very moment I click the enemy with attack command chosen. Then, there's a small chance game will crash.

22.05.11 12:12   
English is ok. But we need the complete error.txt file (you could upload it here in Mantis).
22.05.11 14:09   
Please, can You except error.txt (it must be on xforce installation dir) also upload savegame before crash (file xforce_dir\save\playername.sav). Or at least enumerate content of backpacks, belts and hands.
GameFigureManager.pas line 543 is mean that something wrong with backpack, but without full error log and contents it's hardly to find what is wrong.
Best regards
Sorry for bad English
22.05.11 22:49   
It may be problematic as after crashing every second battle about 15 times before being able to kill all aliens I've gathered quite a few of the logs and started deleting them before getting some new ones and then trying different modules to discover the error sometimes appears anyway they may have gotten a bit mismatched. But here is what I've managed to regain, from the last campaign I was playing - William Walker's one. Those and a few more bugs - logs uploaded.

As for troop loadout, saved after the problem (hoped, my fault and mistake, that log will be enough) but I remember that practically every trooper in that particular campaign had basic Rifle LS4, armoured vest, grenade and spare ammo magazine on the belt or in the backpack if the soldier had no belt.

23.05.11 10:38   
I added 2 compiled error-logs. The error1.txt is about the original bugreport, the error2.txt is about the other mentioned bug. The cause should be the same for both bugs.