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0001999: Weapon replace issue : lost ammo - Mantis
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1999 Allgemein tweak always 15.08.08 07:45 18.09.08 03:00
closed V0.912  
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0001999: Weapon replace issue : lost ammo
if ammo is researched after weapon, that replace something, it lost (write "weapon non researched yet" and cannot be used ).
If ammo is researched before weapon, that replace something, it assigned normally.
If you want to add ammo to weapon1, that replace weapon0, after weapon1 has been researched, you need to assign ammo as munition for weapon0.

Replace sequence Weapon3>weapon2>weapon1>weapon0 work fine


Shipammo1 is assigned as munition for Shipweapon1.
Shipweapon1 replace Shipweapon0.
If research seqence is "Shipammo1 - Shipweapon1" then as result, exist "Shipweapon1" with munitions "Shipammo1" and "Shipammo2".
If research seqence is "Shipweapon1 - Shipammo1" then as result, exist "Shipweapon1" with munition only "Shipammo0". Shipammo1 is lost ( write "weapon non researched yet").

Weapon1 replace weapon0.
Ammo1_1 and ammo1_2 is munition for weapon1.
Research seqence is "Ammo1_1 - weapon1 - Ammo1_2"
Result:weapon1 with ammo Ammo0 and Ammo1_1. Ammo1_2 is lost
 testreplace.pak [^] (4,096 bytes) 15.08.08 07:45

15.08.08 12:23   
We plan to change the ammo-weapon-coordination to a different method in one of the future versions, that will solve this automatically.

However it looks like that change will be delayed to get other things done first. It has not yet been decided wether or not we will make a temporary fix for this until the method is changed.
17.08.08 08:10   
The fix was very small.