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0001994: UFOPaedia grafik error - "DIB is invalid" - Mantis
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1994 Grafik minor always 10.08.08 13:19 12.09.08 03:00
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0001994: UFOPaedia grafik error - "DIB is invalid"
If image, used by UFOPaedia, has a 32-bits color deep, XForce crash with message "DIB is invalid".
First signed at "Invasion of Angels - Beta 0.77". (technology 'alphatrizium-uran hybridized...', file hybrid_charges_150.bmp)
Repeated on "Invasion of Angels - Beta 0.77.1".
Testmod with image from 'Alien Invasion' (technologies '24-bits image'(normal) and '32-bits image'(crash, when selected on UFOPaedie) on next day) http://rapidshare.de/files/40201924/graftemp.pak.html [^] .
Solution - batch conversion all images to 24-bits. (PS It is possible to batch operation on XForce Editor/Edit gameset Resources? ) )

All right is belong to creators of 'Alien Invasion' mod. This image has been used only for test and show error.
has duplicate 0002029closed Natter Spielsatz : Invasion of Angels 
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