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0001615: TUFO.geoscape:Boolean - Ist das UFO dargestellt ja/nein - Mantis
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1615 Raumschiffkampf feature N/A 24.07.07 18:16 15.11.09 03:00
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0001615: TUFO.geoscape:Boolean - Ist das UFO dargestellt ja/nein
Ein Flag mit dem man ein UFO vom Geoscape verschwinden lassen kann, ohne das es gelöscht oder deregistriert wird.

Ob das UFO dann komplett vom Geoscape entfernt ist (d.h. weder Events erhält noch produziert) oder nur unsichtbar (d.h. es produziert keine Events, erhält sie aber) sollte davon abhängig gemacht werden, was einfacher zu programmieren ist
Hauptsächlich gedacht für simulierte Landemanöver (verschwunden während Bodeneinsatz, danach wieder angezeigt), kann aber auch für andere Zwecke genutzt werden.
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 0001615_try1.zip [^] (106,439 bytes) 13.10.09 15:13
 0001615_try2.zip [^] (105,671 bytes) 14.10.09 08:57

28.07.07 21:38   
MMh. Das einfachste dürfte wohl sein, dass UFO in einer anderen Liste zwischen zu speichern. Aber muss ich mich näher mit beschäftigen.
13.10.09 15:12   
I try some other way:
In 0001615_try1.zip variable 'TUFO.AntiRadarCoat : integer' is added (sorry, I cannot find better name).
Now if AntiradarCoat>0 status Visible for UFO is blocked (and it is become unvisible).
In this state ufo can attack, but cannot be attaked by base or aircraft.
I dont try to forcely target aircraft at hidden ufo, but if hide it during intercept, aircraft return to base.
If set AntiradarCoat to 0 it will again appear on next turn.
Additional effect - base now cannot attack invisible target.

I hope, that this can be used later for 0002056 also (if AntiradarCoat>RadarForce then HideUFO, inScanArea will return RadarForce at this point).

Best regards.
13.10.09 19:24   
OK, that'll help, but we have to wait for Natter to see if this can/should be added to the 915B5 or wait for the 917.

The 2056 is partially on-hold because we aren't sure wether that approach is a good one or if we choose another solution (that's one of the reasons why its an internal ticket, visible only inTeam).
14.10.09 08:56   
OK, without 2056 it becomes more accurately: 0001615_try2.zip.
PS. To change to TUFO.Geoscape default value must be true. I try 'AntiRadarCoat :Boolean=True;' but it don't work (error during compiling/build). Sorry, how to change default value of variable?
Best regards
14.10.09 11:04   

@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@
     else if Objekt is TCustomGameMessageData then
- else if (Objekt is TUFO) or (Objekt is TGround) then
+ else if ((Objekt is TUFO) and TUFO(objekt).Visible) or (Objekt is TGround) then


AntiRadarCoat :Boolean=True; won't work, because in Delphi you can only use this syntax for global variables. You should use TUFO.Create for default values.

But I prefer AntiRadarCoat.
14.10.09 13:08   

Sorry, this is error. I add this to when work on imposibility of give order to intercept, then the game message is showed (for example, if invisible ufo take aircraft as target), and later forgot to remove. It may not work (I don't check) because of wrong place and now has no sense because exist checkup in order of aircraft (i.e. order may be given, but aircraft not move from base). Please remove this. Sorry.

Best regards
14.10.09 13:37   
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